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...has been lost for decades but has recently been found and is now being heard on the national stage. Letting others control the narrative is no longer acceptable and will not be tolerated. Please join us on our journey to restore medicine back to the greatest profession in the world through thoughtful deliberation, healthy dialogue, and defined initiatives.




The Knights Medicus Podcast is one of the most provocative podcasts in healthcare.

Join us and listen to the real change makers in medicine, the misfits, mavericks, and rebels, who are discussing how we can unite our voices, take back the reins of medicine, and restore healthcare back to the highest quality, and most trusted collective of professionals in the world.

New episodes drop every week on all major podcast platforms.

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Live on Clubhouse! 

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Russ Reiss (, creator of Knights Medicus, hosts an unscripted, uncensored, interactive room each week on Club House.

From the frontlines of COVID and physician burnout to the future of the profession and Healthcare 3.0, Dr. Reiss and his colleagues identify and discuss the top issues needing change today, and strive to propose credible solutions.

Join the discussion every WEDNESDAY @ 8 am PST (11 am EST)

Hosted by the Knights Medicus Club.

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Hospital administrators and corporate offices have controlled the narrative far too long, at the expense of clinical excellence, quality patient care, and the well-being of providers and staff.  It's now time that physicians and health care professionals start controlling the narrative so we can create our own future.

Open for all members to comment, the Knights Medicus Forum is where we tackle the toughest issues, topic by topic.

Your voice matters! Enter the discourse, make yourself heard, and become part of the solution.

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How We Affect Change 

Define the Problems

Listen to the Stakeholders

Analyze the Data

Identify Solutions

Make Decisions


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Fires on the horizon are lit and drums are beating in the distance. A sea change leading to Healthcare 3.0 is now unstoppable. Enlist in Knights Medicus to ride among the many brave souls who have entered the arena to effect permanent and positive change.


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